The most profitable referral ID (code) for registration on the Binance exchange for spot and futures trading

binance 20% discount on trade commission codeThe most famous and largest cryptocurrency exchange, when registering new users, offers to indicate a referral ID, which is optional. But if you enter the correct referral code during registration, you will be able to receive a maximum 20% discount on trading commissions in the future. Referral codes for Binance are different, some do not give any advantages, others can give a 5% or 10% discount, but the maximum discount of 20% is very rarely given, because for this, the inviting party needs to have at least 500BNB on its balance. If you were looking for just such the most profitable code for registering on the Binance exchange, then below you will find our referral codes with the maximum discounts for spot and futures trading on the Binance exchange.

Binance Referral ID for Spot Trading:

When registering, you will see the following dialog box:

binance referral id 20% discount

In this window there is a special field called "Referral ID (optional)", in which the referral code must be indicated. In order to ensure that in the future, when using the Binance crypto exchange, it is guaranteed to receive a maximum discount of 20% on trading commissions, be sure to check that the ID during registration coincides with MLDOBG5I which just gives this maximum discount of twenty percent.

Binance Referral ID MLDOBG5I

If you have already followed the link in this article to the exchange, then the referral code MLDOBG5I will be indicated automatically.

If you did everything correctly, right in the registration window you will see what kind of discount with the selected promo (referral) code you will receive. In our case, you will see the following registration window:

binance referral ID maximum discount 20%


Binance Referral ID (code) feediscount10 for Futures Trading:

The maximum discount on trading commissions for futures trading on the Binance exchange is 10%, which you can also get if you use a special futures referral code: feediscount10 

Which you can enter yourself or follow this link

Binance Futures referral code feediscount10

The following image shows where to enter your futures referral code if you are already registered in the spot market (regular registration). The code entry window appears when you first go to the futures trading section of the Bianance exchange (on the right side of the site). If you no longer have this opportunity, then you will no longer be able to enter a referral ID for futures trading.


referral id futures code discount

When registering on the Binance futures market without specifying a referral code, your discount will be 0%, i.e. there will be no discount. Therefore, be sure to use codes to get additional benefits.

What to do if you are already registered on the Binance exchange without any coupon codes

If you did not use referral codes when registering on the Binance exchange, then you will no longer be able to get discounts. 


To prove that you have received the maximum discount when registering with our referral codes, we present images of our personal account on the Binance exchange:binance market 20% off fee referral links


Register Binance with a 20% bonus