Chia calculator for HDD and SSD mining

Chia mining calculator for ssd and hddThe Chia cryptocurrency with mining on HDD and SSD has gained immense popularity among miners, primarily due to the higher profitability per dollar invested in comparison with video cards and ASICs. And also due to lower costs for electricity and air conditioning rooms. Because Now the prices for all cryptocurrency and Chia, including, are highly volatile, and the Chia cryptocurrency network itself is growing every day by 5-10%, so services such as the calculator for mining the Chia cryptocurrency are now more relevant than ever. Today we want to present you our version of the Chia cryptocurrency mining calculator with a simpler and more intuitive interface, where the capacity of your drives is indicated in the usual Terabytes (TB), and not in Gibibytes (GiB). We also plan to add other cryptocurrencies that are also mined using HDD (Sia, Burst, Storj, Filecoin) and compare them in terms of the profitability of mining on HDD with each other.