New GDDR6 memory from Samsung will increase video card hashrate by 50%

gddr6 samsung memory hashrate on ethereum

Samsung announced new GDDR6 video memory chips with increased data transfer rates of 20Gbps and 24Gbps at the end of 2021. The new chips are fully compatible with JEDEC specifications for GDDR6 standard. This will allow the release of improved versions of the current generations of video cards, which use 16Gbps GDDR6 memory, with minimal effort. I.e. just introduced memory from Samsung is exactly 50% more productive than current solutions. That is exactly what AMD did this summer, when a limited edition of Radeon RX 6900XT LC graphics cards with water cooling and 18.5Gbps GDDR6 memory hit the shelves instead of 16Gbps for the standard RX 6900XT model.

In 2022, Nvidia and AMD are very likely to release updated lines of current graphics cards with updated memory and higher GPU speeds as RX 6900XTX and RTX 3070 Super.

Nvidia's 4000 series and AMD's 7000 series graphics cards could also come out in 2022, but considering current excitement and unavailability of graphics cards on sale, as well as 2000 series cards delayed for almost 3 years after 1000 series release (at that time there was booming mining and increased demand for graphics cards), release of minimally updated graphics cards in 2022 looks quite expected.

Even if manufacturers limit themselves to minimal changes in GPU, the replacement of memory modules from 16Gbps to 24Gbps alone will give a 50% increase in hash rate on mining algorithms that depend on the performance of the memory subsystem.

A prime example of such an algorithm is the Dagger-Hashimoto or Ethash mining algorithm used by miners to mine Ethereum cryptocurrency and its many forks.

If we dive a little bit into the future, we can already imagine what level of performance in Ethereum mining can be expected from the upcoming novelties of AMD and Nvidia.

Videocards Hashrate Ethash

RX 6600XTX

(RX 7600XT)


RX 6700XTX

(RX 7700XT)


RX 6800XTX

(RX 7800XT)


RX 6900XTX

(RX 7900XT)


RTX 3060 Super

(RTX 4060)



RTX 3070 Super

(RTX 4070)



* Hash rate for Nvidia graphics cards is calculated without considering LHR mining blocking

The GDDR6 video card memory presented by Samsung is the fastest at the moment, bypassing even GDDR6X, which is used by Nvidia in its most powerful and productive gaming products. The use of 24Gbps video memory will significantly improve memory bandwidth on video cards, which will directly affect the hashrate of these video cards in mining Ethereum cryptocurrency.