Avalon A15 - the new generation of Bitcoin ASICs from Canaan

asic avalon a15 a1566On May 9th, at the Bitcoin Asia 2024 exhibition in Hong Kong, Canaan unveiled the new generation of its SHA-256 algorithm ASIC miners, named Avalon A15. The first model of the 15 series will be the Avalon A1566, which, in addition to an increased hash rate of 185Th/s, also offers improved energy efficiency at 18.5J/TH. For the previous model A1466, to remind you, the hash rate was 150Th/s with an energy efficiency of 21.5Th/s. Comparing the two generations of Canaan ASICs directly, the manufacturer managed to increase the main parameter of energy efficiency by 14%.

The main competitor, Bitmain ASIC Antminer S21, has slightly better energy efficiency at around 17.5 J/TH, but Bitmain's ASICs are usually more expensive than Canaan's products.

At the launch, Avalon A1566 will be sold for 14.6USD/Th or 2700 USD per device.

The recommended retail price of Antminer S21 is 5400 USD, but for wholesale customers, the price is already 3,780 USD, which is still significantly more expensive than A1566. This means that the return on investment for Canaan's equipment will come much sooner, even with slightly higher electricity costs.

The only question remaining is the availability of A1566, as Canaan produces its products on a much smaller scale than Bitmain does, and therefore buying Canaan's products is not always possible due to supply shortages.

Specifications of Canaan Avalon A1566: Algorithm: SHA-256

Hash rate: 185TH/s

Power consumption: 3420W

Energy efficiency: 18.5 J/TH

Cooling: Air

Noise: -

Dimensions: 301x192x292

Weight: 14.9 kg

Price: 2700 USD

Sales start: -

As always, you can compare the Avalon A1566 ASIC with other models on the Profit-mine.com website.

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