Nvidia Geforce RTX 3050 hashrate in Ethereum mining

rtx 3050 mining ethereum hasharteThe new budget video card from Nvidia RTX 3050 due to its technical characteristics should be a worthy substitute for GTX 1060, GTX 1660 and RX 580, RX5500XT video cards in Ethereum mining, but it is much more energy efficient. Since the memory bandwidth of RTX 3050 (224Gbit/s) is comparable to the above mentioned graphics cards, but it is made on a more modern technological process. 

After the announcement of RTX 3050 video card, they expected hash rate of this video card with Ethash algorithm about 30 MH/s, but their hopes did not come true, as actually displayed hash rate of RTX 3050 8Gb was at 12.5Mh/s with power consumption of 73W. When you start the miner the first few seconds the video card gives 20MH/s, which means that there is a hardware lock LHR in Nvidia Geforce RTX 3050

rtx 3050 8gb mining ethereum dagger hashimoto

By applying a little tuning to reduce the power consumption of the GPU chip and increase the frequency of memory operation it is possible to achieve more attractive results:

geforce 3050 8gb overclocking

 RTX 3050 8Gb ETHash 13,66Mh/s  57W 

For Ethereum mining, buying RTX 3050 video card because of low hash rate will not be appropriate, but for other mining algorithms, where traditionally all 3000 series video cards from Nvidia show good results, the presented novelty can also show good results on energy efficiency.