Prices and payback of video cards in mining for 2021

prices of video cards for mining income payback

Due to the high profitability of mining on video cards in all stores and around the world, it is now impossible to buy a video card at the recommended price. even at several times overstated prices, video cards of medium and high performance are sold out in a matter of moments. It is guaranteed that now you can buy a video card only from dealers at an even higher price. Today we will try to evaluate the payback of video cards at several times inflated prices for use in cryptocurrency mining and will help you with the decision to purchase equipment for cryptocurrency mining in the spring of 2021. As a bonus, you will also find out how many times the price of video cards has risen relative to their normal price.

Prices for calculations will be taken from advertisements for new video cards from sellers on Amazon, eBay and other similar sites.

March 24, 2021. BTC: 53750 USD, ETH: 1660 USD

Video cards

start of






market price

Price increase

Residual value

in a year*

Income per day



full, days



partial, days


RX 580 8 Gb 2017 150 USD 650 USD x4,3 90 USD 3 USD  217  187
RX 5500XT 8Gb 2019 200 USD 700 USD x3,5 120 USD 2,5 USD  280  232
RX 5600XT 2020 280 USD 1000 USD x3,6 170 USD 4 USD  250  207
RX 5700  2019 350 USD 1300 USD x3,7 210 USD 5,1 USD   256  214
RX 5700XT 2019 400 USD 1300 USD x3,25 240 USD 5,1 USD  256  207
RX 6700XT 2021 480 USD 1100 USD x2,3 290 USD 4,6 USD  239  176
RX 6800 2020 580 USD 1400 USD x2,4 350 USD 6 USD   233  175
RX 6800XT 2020 650 USD 1800 USD x2,8 390 USD 6 USD  300  235
RX 6900XT 2020 1000 USD 2000 USD x2 600 USD 5,9 USD  339  237
GTX 1660 2019 220 USD 600 USD x2,7 130 USD 2,3 USD  260  204
GTX 1660 Super 2019 230 USD 700 USD x3 140 USD 2,8 USD  250  200
RTX 2060 2019 300 USD 800 USD x2,7 180 USD 2,5 USD  320  248
RTX 3060 2021 330 USD 900 USD x2,7 200 USD 4,6 USD  196  152
RTX 3060ti 2020 400 USD 1300 USD x3,3 240 USD 5,9 USD  220  180
RTX 3070 2020 500 USD 1500 USD x3 300 USD 6 USD  250  200
RTX 3080 2020 700 USD 2300 USD x3,3 420 USD 8,8 USD  261  214
RTX 3090 2020 1500 USD 3000 USD x2 900 USD 11,3 USD  265  186

* Residual value of video cards after a year of use, provided that there will be no shortage of video cards. Conditionally accepted as 60% of the recommended price. For example, the recommended price for the RTX 3080 is 699USD, then the selling price of such a video card is conditionally in a year, when the excitement around mining subsides, it will be 699 * 60% = 420 USD.

** Income from Ethereum mining per day, taking into account electricity costs at a price of 0.05 USD/KWh

*** Payback period of the full cost of the video card purchased at the market price

**** Payback period of a video card, taking into account its resale at a price of 60% of the manufacturer's recommended price.

You can independently assess the profit that the video card brings in mining at the moment by following this link

As you can see from the table, the most profitable in mining is the Nvidia Geforce RTX 3060 video card, but do not rush to run to buy this model, because the manufacturer of this video card, Nvidia, has built in the drivers protection against mining the Ethereum cryptocurrency, which is why the hash rate of such a video card is two times less (25MH/s instead of 50MH/s). In this calculation, we took 50Mh/s as a basis for this video card, i.e. to. we learned to bypass the limitation using the beta driver 470.05, but with some restrictions: you need to install a video card directly into the motherboard and connect a monitor or monitor emulator.

Prices for video cards over the past two months have increased on average 3 times, which compensated for the high profitability of mining the Ethereum cryptocurrency and the predicted full payback of purchased video cards today at market prices is on average 250-300 days. Those. the current profitability from mining should be at this level all this time, so that you can return the money spent on video cards today.

If we take into account the most pessimistic option, that cryptocurrencies will fall in price and video cards will be sold in stores for free sale at recommended prices, then purchased video cards will now be devalued by more than 3 times. Then, in this case, mining will again become unprofitable and you will be able to sell your video cards for 60% of the recommended price. Those. return part of the investment. In this case, the payback period of the equipment is reduced by an average of 60 days, i.e. the current high profitability from mining should last for about 200 more days or half a year, so that the purchased video cards at a price 3 times higher than their real value could return the money spent on them. Only then will you make a profit.

Let us remind you once again that prices for new video cards were included in the calculation; when buying used video cards, prices may be slightly lower, which can reduce the payback period of such mining equipment.

But how long the current excitement around cryptocurrencies will last and, accordingly, the high profitability of mining, no one will tell you, so you yourself must predict and decide for yourself how the cryptocurrency market will behave in the next half a year and decide to enter mining at current prices or no