Nvidia Geforce RTX 3060Ti - First Ethereum Mining Test

RTX 3060 Ti mining ethereumOn December 2, 2020, the Nvidia Geforce RTX 3060Ti video card became available for tests, and tests in Ethereum mining were also not long in coming. A similar video memory subsystem of the RTX 3060Ti video card with the older model RTX 3070 (8Gb, GDDR6, 256bit) gave us hope for similar results in Ethereum mining, in fact, let's check what result RTX 3060Ti achieved using the ETHash mining algorithm.

1 Initially, testing was carried out at the stock frequencies of the video card:

rtx3060ti hashrate ethereum

ETHASH: 51.3MH/s, 200W

2 The next test was run with the following parameters Power Limit 80%, Memory + 1500Mhz

RTX3060ti ETHash hashrate mining overclocking

ETHASH: 62,6MH/s, 140W 

The current hashrate of video cards for 2020

Calculating the profitability of mining RTX 3060Ti

The RTX 3060Ti video card showed, as expected, a result comparable in Ethereum mining with the RTX 3070 (63.7MH/s, 135W) with the same memory overclocking at 1500Mhz. It is worth noting that with the current testing of the RTX 3060Ti, you can significantly lower the Power Limit, as well as lower the GPU frequency, which will further reduce the power consumption of the video card. Ultimately, we expect the RTX 3060Ti to outperform the RTX 3070 in terms of energy efficiency in Ethereum mining.

Another not obvious advantage of RTX 3060Ti over RTX 3070 is the use of only one 8-pin connector for additional power, instead of 2 for RTX 3070, which will greatly facilitate cable management and selection of power supplies for assembling mining rigs based on RTX 3060Ti