Generous Airdrop of 1.000.000 SFP from SafePal

sfp airdropCrypto hardware wallet company SafePal S1 is hosting a generous airdrop to new users who install the safepal app on their phone or browser by November 30, 2022. A total of 1,000,000 SFP tokens will be distributed (1SFP=0.64USD). Depending on your activity during the promotion, you will receive points (share), the more points you get, the more reward you will get. The number of SFPs per Share from the total number of points received by all participants. Those. 1 million SFP tokens divided by the total number of Shares and multiplied by your number of shares. This will be your Safepal Airdrop.

Install the Safepal application on your phone by scanning the barcode in the picture below or by clicking on the link. Use our referral code: MYUZDV

safepal airdrop 1000000 sfp

You can use Safepal applications without a hardware wallet, but if you still decide to use SafePal solutions on an ongoing basis, we recommend purchasing a SafePal S1 hardware wallet for security.

Benefits of the Safepal app:

In addition to hardware protection of your crypto savings, safepal can offer to work directly with the Binance CEX exchange (KYC required) and MEXC exchange (KYC not required). Almost all major DEXs are also available: Uniswap, , Pancake, 1inch, Biswap and others.

How to get an airdrop from SafePal:

After you have installed the SafePal application on your phone, go to the Dapps menu and select the SFP airdrop item to control the execution of tasks.

sfp airdrop 2022

This functionality is not available in the browser version of the wallet.

Please note that the first task is to store at least 100 USDT (USDC, BUSD) during the entire period of the promotion. Without this condition, the rest of the tasks will be invalid.

Task Details Reward

Store & Hold 


Store and hold at least $100 worth of the USDC, USDT, or BUSD on Ethereum (ERC20) or BNB Chain (BEP20) in the wallet throughout the campaign

1) The $100 value can be a combined value. You can store different amounts of the above stablecoins so long as their combined value is at least $100
2) Only USDC, USDT, and BUSD from the Ethereum or BNB Chain are eligible for this task
3) The funds need to be held in the wallet until the campaign ends. If this task fails, you will lose the qualification for ALL the tasks of this airdrop campaign.

To store and hold, you can choose to:
A. Create a new wallet and transfer the funds into it, or
B. Import a wallet that has the required funds in the balance already
Connect with Extension Wallet (Optional) Connect the app wallet with the SafePal Browser Extension and complete a blockchain transaction in the browser extension 2 shares
Make a Swap Order (Optional) Complete a Swap order worth at least $100. The swap pair should be different cryptocurrencies

Trade & Exchange (Optional) Connect a Binance account with the Binance Mini-program within the SafePal wallet and complete a Spot or Futures trade order of any amount and any cryptocurrency

Participate in DeFi (Optional) Trade any amount of cryptocurrency in ApolloX, a decentralized futures exchange supported in the SafePal DAppstore. 

Note: By doing futures trading, you may suffer trading losses due to market volatility. Please make sure you are aware of the risks before doing this task. If you have never tried futures trading before, we don’t recommend you do this task.

Buy Crypto (Optional) Buy at least $200 worth of cryptocurrency in the ‘Buy Crypto’ DApp within the SafePal Dappstore. There are multiple providers available. You can choose whichever you prefer. 

Get Hardware Wallet (Optional) Purchase at least one S1 Hardware Wallet from the website and enter your Order ID on the task page to validate your entry.

Note: Hardware wallet orders completed for this task cannot be canceled. Please estimate before you continue.



The airdrop itself will take place on December 6, 2022. As a result of which you will be credited with SFP tokens on the Binance smart chain network (BEP20).

Conclusion: Airdrop from Safepal is a great opportunity not only to try one of the best crypto wallets on the market, but also to earn some money by completing simple tasks. For advanced users, SafePal offers some of the best security in the industry (if you have a hardware wallet) and the ability to trade on the exchange without going through KYC. When registering for Airdrop use our referral code: MYUZDV