NEXA is another interesting GPU mining crypto project

Recently, a large number of interesting and possibly promising tier 1 mining projects have appeared, some of them are unusual in that they use a new mining algorithm. This is due to the fact that after the transition of Ethereum (Ethereum) to PoS, miners are in constant search of crypto projects that could be mined and have at least some income. NEXA is one of these new cryptocurrencies that can be mined with GPUs. The coin was launched just a couple of months ago, and at the moment it is rather little known. Initially, NEXA could only be mined with the help of a central processing unit (CPU), however, a GPU miner was recently released, which slightly fueled interest in this coin. NEXA uses its own GPU-intensive Nexapow mining algorithm, which means that new powerful graphics cards will have a high hashrate, and it will be possible to lower the frequency of video memory and reduce its voltage to reduce overall power consumption. It is worth noting that the project has a very high emission (issue) of coins - 21 trillion, an average block time of 2 minutes and a block reward of 10 million NEXA coins.

Until yesterday, NEXA had to be mined only on the official Pool137 pool and using the official nxminer software (which is only available for Linux), but now a fresh version of WildRig Multi 0.35.0 beta has been released, which supports the Nexapow algorithm (with a commission of 5%), which available for both Windows and Linux. You can also mine NEXA on the Rplant pool, but keep in mind that at the moment this pool has a requirement of 5000 confirmations for a mined block, and therefore you may need to wait about a week to receive mined coins. The coin is currently only traded on the Exbitron exchange in pairs with EXTO, BCH and USDT. Official website of the project.

You can see the hardware hashrate here. You can calculate the profitability of NEXA mining on the website.