Firmware for Overclocking Antminer S19 90Th with 126 Chips

firmware ASIC S19 in 104 THThe company Bitmain offers a wide range of ASIC miners, and there are about a dozen different models of S19 alone. Moreover, the standard Antminer S19 model with 90 terahashes has several variations. These variations of the S19 differ in the number of ASIC chips they contain, ranging from 76, 88 chips to 126 chips. The model with 126 chips is particularly popular because with a simple firmware modification, the hash rate of this model can be enhanced to a more advanced version known as the S19j PRO.

In essence, the S19 with 126 chips at 90TH is actually a more advanced version of the S19j PRO at 110TH. However, due to the use of lower-quality ASIC chips, it cannot achieve the full 110TH hash rate. As a result, these models are sold as simpler and more affordable S19 variants.

By installing firmware that unlocks all 126 ASIC chips, you can achieve a hash rate of around 102TH to 106TH from such an Antminer, depending on the quality of the ASIC chips in your specific unit.

The originally designed 110TH is unlikely to be reached on these devices, otherwise Bitmain would be selling such units as S19j PRO at a higher price point.

To independently increase the hash rate of your Antminer S19 by 13% to 17%, you need to perform just a few simple steps:

Overclocking (firmware) ASIC Antminer S19 126 Chip


  1. Flash (firmware update) the ASIC Antminer S19 126 Chip via the web interface of the miner itself.
  2. Purchase a USB programmer for 24-series microchips (CH341a).
  3. Buy a connector or cable to connect to the hash boards of the miner.
  4. Solder the connector and programmer as shown in the diagrams below.
  5. Download the firmware for the S19 90Th with 126 chips and the CH341 programmer software. Available for free in our telegram channel
  6. Create backup copies of the hash board firmware.
  7. Write the new firmware to all 3 hash boards of the S19.
  8. Start the miner (the management menu will display that you have an S19j PRO model).

IMPORTANT: The firmware change applies to the hash boards, not the control board.

asic antminer s19 programmerasic bitmain connector

bitmain asic usb programmer



How to Identify an S19 with 126 Chips:

The easiest way is to check the labeling of the power supply unit that comes with the miner. If the model is indicated as APW 121215, then it is an S19 with 126 ASIC chips. For models with 88 chips, the power supply model is either APW121217 or APW121214.

Another reliable method is to disassemble the casing, extract the hash board, and count the number of radiators on the board. There should be 126 of them.

Conclusion: The Bitmain Antminer S19 with 126 chips can be easily transformed into an S19j PRO, achieving a hash rate of 102-106TH instead of 110TH. Energy consumption increases slightly, around 50-100W from the factory settings of 90Th. The S19 reprogramming process takes no more than 10 minutes, and the ASIC's energy efficiency increases by approximately 15%. This effectively provides you with a more advanced ASIC at a lower cost.