Lolminer 1.63 improved hashrate and energy efficiency in Kaspa mining

kaspa logoIn the latest version of Lolminer 1.63, the developers have improved the hash rate of the RTX 2000, RTX 3000 and RTX 4000 video cards on the KheavyHash algorithm (Kaspa cryptocurrency) by 3.5%. It may seem that such a slight increase in the hashrate is not worth much attention, but if you consider that with an increase in the hashrate, the developers also managed to reduce the power consumption of video cards, due to which the energy efficiency of mining on Nvidia video cards improved by 7-11% depending on the video card model. Reducing electricity costs without a drop in hashrate is already worth your attention when almost all mining income goes to pay for electricity. And in this case, you will also receive a bonus in the form of an increased hashrate, which definitely deserves to spend a few minutes updating the miner. You can download the latest version of lolminer 1.63 on GitHub, also lolminer 1.63 is already available in HiveOS.