Bombax Miner EZ100 - ASIC for Ethash algorithm

asic bombax miner ez100 etchash

A new company, BomBax Miner, has appeared on the Internet, offering its product for miners in the form of ASIC EZ100, focused on the ETHash (ETChash) mining algorithm. The hashrate of the new product is promised to be 12500MH/s with a power consumption of 2300W, which corresponds to an energy efficiency of 0.18W/MH. In addition to the standard version, a home version with reduced performance but with reduced noise is also offered. This model is called EZ100-C, with a hashrate of 3200Mh/s and 570W. And what is noteworthy is that the energy efficiency of the EZ100-C is the same as that of its older brother 0.18W/MH.

When compared with competing solutions, the offering from Bombax Miner looks quite modern and is quite a bit short in energy efficiency compared to the latest models from Jasminer X44, offering 0.1W/MH. The previous generation Jasminer X16, we recall, had this indicator at the level of 0.33 W/MH.

In other words, the popularity of Bombax Miner ASICs will depend on their pricing policy and the quantity of products produced.

Considering that on the official website the EZ100 is sold for 18,750 USD, and the EZ100-C for 5,499 USD, then today this is a quite competitive offer, considering that the Jasminer X16-Q at 1950MH/s and 620W is now offered at retail for 4,000 USD.

Because The company is new and has not proven itself as a reliable partner, so it is best to buy such ASICs already in stock or through trusted suppliers.

More information about mining equipment from Bombax Miner can be found on their official website

You can compare ASICs EZ100 and EZ100-C with other models and calculate their payback on the website


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