LOLminer 0.43 universal AMD, Nvidia miner for Multi Equihash

lolminer equihashLOLminer is a universal miner for most of the currently existing variations of the Equihash algorithms, and the video cards of two AMD and Nvidia manufacturers are supported. In the latest version was added  the algorithm Equihash 192.7 (Zero, SafeCash) to the existing versions of Equihash 144.5 (ASF, BTG, BTCZ, LitecoinZ, HeptaCoin, Safecoin, Snowgem, ZEL), Equihash 96.5 (Minexcoin). Like all the last miners with the closed source code, LOLminer takes the commission during the work of 1% on the algorithm 96.5 and 2% on the algorithms 192.7 and 144.5. Still an interesting feature is added, supporting the pools with the autoselect of the mining cryptocurrency on the algorithm of Equihash 144.5. You can download the latest version of LOLminer at thread of the forum