Whatsminer M10s new asic miners for SHA-256 from Pangolin

pangolin whatsminer m10s

The market of asics miners, despite the strong drawdown of the value of the crypto currency, continues manufacture the new models of asics miners from various manufacturers. This time the new model Whatsminer M10s from the Chinese manufacturer Pangolin. Whatsminer M10s is not the first model from Pangolin, except for the specified novelty in the product line, there are asics miners under decred and Bitcoin, including the immediate predecessor Whatsminer M10 at 33TH / s, about which we already wrote earlier. The main difference between the M10s model and the M10 is simple, as all the fans of Apple's technology could already guess, this is an increased hash to 55TH / s on the SHA-256 algorithm. Unlike Apple, the sink Miner S index did not deserve due to the use of new chips, but by simply increasing their number

The energy efficiency of such a solution, it is worth noting, is at the same level of 0.065J / Gh, because the increase in power consumption from 2145W to 3500W is commensurate with the increase of the hashrate.

Specifications Pangolin Whatsminer M10S:

HashRate - 55TH / s SHA256

Power consumption - 3500W

Energy efficiency - 65J / TH

Thech. process - 16nm

Noise level -76dB

Dimensions - 130x220x390 mm

Weight - 10,7kg

Price - unknown

Warranty - 180 days after delivery


The manufacturer does not announce the price at the moment, but it is worth much more than the price of the M10 (1788USD).

The date of the beginning of supplies is also unknown.

Website of the manufacturer Pangolinminer.com

pangolin whatsminer m10s