Asic Innosilicon T3 - 43Th with power consumption of 2100W in January 2019

asic miner bitcoin new innisilicon t3 43tA few days ago, new asic miners from Bitmain S15 and T15came out, like a competing company innosilicon is ready to have a crushing retaliatory strike called Terminator 3 or simply T3. If the bitman starts supplying his 7nm ASICS in December 2018, then in January-February 2019, you can purchase a more energy-efficient device for mining Bitcoin from Innosilicon.

 Judge for yourselves: T3 from Innisilicon with a hash rate of 43TH/s consumes 2100W, which is 49 W per TH, while Bitmain ANTMiner S15 has an energy efficiency of 57 W/TH, which is 16% worse. But if you compare the price of Antminer S15 to 1475 USD and 2200USD for T3-43T, which is 54% higher, but at the same time, the price for a terahash at S15 is even slightly higher than 52 USD/TH instead of 51 USD/TH at T3.

But whether it is worth waiting for an additional 1-2 months to buy a new terminator instead of the Antminer S15 can be decided only by you.

ASIC Innosilicon T3-43T specifications:

Algorithm: SHA-256

Hashrate: 43TH / s

Power Consumption: 2100W

Energy Efficiency: 49W/TH

Price: 2200USD

Dimensions: 430x141x220mm

Weight: 10Kg

Date of first delivery: January 25 - February 25, 2019


Innosilicon sells its asic miner T3 along with a power supply but without a power cord, which will have to be bought separately.

You can familiarize yourself with the terms of purchase and technical characteristics of the innosilicon Terminator T3 43T on the official website of the company.