Braiins OS - an open operating system for Asic miners

braiins os asic miner

Braiins OS is a completely new product on the cryptocurrency mining market that allows you to simplify work with ASICs by flashing the branded microcode to the open-source Braiin OS operating system with improved monitoring, control and overclocking functionality. At the moment, firmware is available only for two asic miners - this is Bitmain Antminer S9 and DragonMint T9 (with a control unit based on Xilinx chips). Although these firmware are in the status of testing, however, all the functionality will be available to you.

Braiins OS is developed on the basis of another open source Linux project OpenWRT and is distributed as a standard OPKG package, i.e. installing Braiins OS on your asic will be as simple as possible. The same as it happens on modern network routers. Since Braiin OS is an open source program, so you will be able to customize the program for your needs. It is also worth noting the full integration of Braiins OS with the mining functionality of the SlushPool pool, i.e. through the pool's web interface, you will have full control over the work of your asic miners, which does not prohibit the use of asic miners with this firmware on other pools. Even if you are not going to upgrade to SlushPool, the Braiins OS firmware will give you more options for overclocking ASICs and monitoring their work than is possible with standard firmware.


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