Asic FusionSilicon X7 - 262GH/s and 1300W on the X11 algorithm

asic_fusionsilicon_x7The development of specialized devices for mining cryptocurrency (Asic) continues to develop as well as before, adding to the performance with each new generation up to 2 times. Such a new breakthrough was the asik miner X7 from FusionSilicon for mining cryptocurrency Dash and others on the X11 algorithm. If the previous leader Bitmain Antminer D5 could offer energy efficiency at the level of 13W / GH (119Gh, 1566W), then the novelty has a 70% higher energy efficiency of 5W / GH (262GH, 1300W). And the D5 appeared literally 2 months ago in November 2018 and already looks very weak against the background of FusionSilicon X7.


Technical characteristics of Asic FusionSilicon X7:

Algorithm: X11

Hashrate: 262GH / s

Power Consumption: 1300W

Energy Efficiency: 5W / GH

Noise: 75Db

Price: 1600USD

Dimensions: 340x130x198mm

Weight: 4.8kg

Delivery Date: March 2019


Given the rapid obsolescence of ASICs and the general negative background around cryptocurrency, the purchase of such devices carries great risks and great importance should be given to the time of receipt and inclusion in the mining of new ASICs at the shortest time possible after the sale, so that the payback time is as short as possible. Since longer delivery times may completely invalidate such a purchase.

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