Nvidia Geforce GTX Titan XP in cryptocurrency mining in 2019

nvidia-titan-xp-boxThe Geforce Titan line of graphics cards is Nvidia's maximum graphics performance available in the consumer market. The Geforce Titan XP video card came out in 2017 along with the GTX10X0 generation video cards and was not only the most powerful gaming solution at that time, but also the most expensive. At the time of the sale, Nvidia Geforce Titan XP cost $ 1,200, which was much more expensive than the popular GTX1080ti  for 700USD. In 2019, the used Titan XP can be bought  for 700-800USD, which is equivalent in price to the new RTX2080 and RTX2080 Super. Next, we will test Titan XP in cryptocurrency mining to determine whether the purchase of such video cards will be more profitable in comparison with other solutions.

Video card specifications:

Specifications GTX1080Ti GTX TITAN XP RTX2070 RTX2070S RTX2080 RTX2080S RTX2080Ti
Release date 10.03.2017 06.04.2017 20.10.2018 09.07.2019 20.09.2018 23.07.2019 20.09.2018
Frequency GPU (BOOST) MHz 1480 (1582) 1405 (1582) 1410(1620) 1605 (1770) 1515 (1734) 1650 (1815) 1350(1545)
Cuda Cores 3584 3840 2304 2560 2944 3072 4352
GFLOPS FP32 11340 12150 7465 9062  10068 11150  13448
Memory 11Gb GDDR5X 12Gb GDDR5X 8GB GDDR6 8Gb GDDR6 8Gb GDDR6 8Gb GDDR6 11Gb GDDR6
Memory bus width 352bit 384bit 256bit 256bit 256bit 256bit 352bit
Total memory bandwidth 484Gbit/s 547Gbit/s   448Gbit/s 448Gbit/s 448Gbit/s 496Gbit/s  616Gbit/s
Power usage 250W 250W 175W 175W 215W 215W 250W
Announced price, USD 700 USD 1200USD 499 USD 499 USD 699 USD 699 USD 999 USD

As you can see from the table, the GTX Titan XP is significantly superior to the current generation RTX2080 Super graphics card in both memory performance and GPU processing power. At the same time, the cost of these video cards is currently equivalent.

To make the comparison of video cards more complete, we’ll take three video cards for tests: GTX1080ti (Used - 500USD), GTX TITAN XP (Used - 800USD) and RTX2080 Super (New - 800USD).

Algorithm GTX1080Ti GTX TITAN XP RTX 2080 Super
Ethash 52Mh/s - 187W 52Mh/s - 174W 43Mh/s - 170W
X16R 32Mh/s -188W 33Mh/s-165W 36Mh/s - 173W
Lyra2Rev3 55Mh/s - 186W  51,5MH/s-185W 69Mh/s - 175W
Equihash 210.9 353Sol/s - 187W 339Sol/s-174W 330Sol/s - 175W
Equihash 192.7 49Sol/s - 186W 48Sol/s - 176W  48Sol/s - 173W
ProgPow_Sero 23Mh/s - 186W 22Mh/s-174W 25,5Mh/s - 175W
Zhash 144.5 90Sol/s - 187W 84Sol/s- 174W 87,5Sol/s - 176W
CryptoNight GPU 2000H/s - 188W 1850H/s - 174W 2420H/s - 175W
Cuckarood29 8G/s - 184W 7.9G/s - 175W 9G/s - 170W
Cuckatoo31 1,38G/s - 180W 1,45G/s - 153W -
BEAM 51,6Sol/s - 185W  53Sol/s - 174W 61,4Sol/s - 175W
CuckooCycle 7,6G/s -164W  7,5G/s - 155W 9,16G/s - 180W
Equihash 125.4 48,9Sol/s - 179W 48,5Sol/s - 168W  60Sol/s - 172W
MTP 3,6Mh/s - 192W  3,5Mh/s - 179W  3,8Mh/s -175W
Bytom  3700H/s - 160W 3620H/s - 169W  12420H/s - 175W

Conclusion: there is no point in buying Nvidia Geforce GTX TITAN XP for cryptocurrency mining in 2019, because even simpler and cheaper model GTX1080ti due to the greater overclocking potential of the GPU shows comparable results. At the same time, the cost of the used GTX 1080Ti is 2-2.5 times lower than that of the GTX TITAN XP. If there is an amount of 800 USD, it is better to buy two GTX1080Ti video cards or one new RTX2080 Super if mining is not the main task and the video card is taken mainly for games.