Video Card Thermal Pad Size Database

dimensions of thermal pads for nvidia gtx 1070 graphics cardOn the eve of summer, many miners face the same question of improving the cooling of equipment. Which can be solved in many ways, for example, by increasing the speed of the fans on video cards, which reduces their resource. You can turn on the additional air conditioning of the premises, which increases the cost of electricity. You can reduce the consumption of video cards, which will affect the hashrate and mining income, respectively. You can also carry out maintenance of your video cards with the replacement of thermal paste and thermal pads on memory and batteries. If there are usually no problems with replacing thermal paste on the GPU itself, then replacing gaskets with new or more efficient ones usually causes problems, because. it is not known what thickness and size of thermal pads you need to buy for a particular model of video card. Moreover, for each manufacturer of video cards, the sizes of gaskets can vary widely.

The replacement of thermal pads became most relevant with the release of Nvidia video cards with GDDR6X memory, which turned out to be very hot and seeing the temperature of this memory when mining Ethereum above 100 degrees Celsius is not something unusual, but quite an ordinary event. These especially hot video cards include models: RTX3070Ti, RTX3080, RTX3080Ti, RTX3090, RTX3090Ti.

If you have a different model of a video card with conventional GDDR6 or GDDR5 memory, this does not mean that replacing thermal pads on memory or batteries will be a waste of money for you.

Because over time, all thermal interfaces (thermal pastes, hot melt adhesives, thermal pads) lose their properties, so if your video card has been mining for 2 years or more, then only by replacing thermal paste and thermal pads you can significantly reduce the heating of all critical electrical elements on the video card, which will save its resource and increase the stability of work even on the hottest summer days.

thermal pad size for rtx 3070

Palit Game Pro RTX 3070 Thermal Pad Dimensions


To find out the dimensions of the thermal pads for your video card, you can disassemble it and take the dimensions yourself, but there may be several difficulties due to the decrease in the size of the thermal pads themselves over time, the inability to peel them off from the memory or heatsink, and video card manufacturers themselves often install during production gaskets are not the right size or crooked, which initially requires replacement of the thermal interface.

The second way to select the size of thermal pads for video cards is to find information on the Internet from users who have already successfully experimented with the replacement of thermal interfaces for video cards.

And to make it easier for you to find the necessary information on replacing gaskets for your video card, below are the databases collected on the Internet:


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Conclusion: Replacing old thermal pads or more efficient ones can give you even better results on the temperature regime of the electrical components of a video card than buying and maintaining an expensive air conditioning system.