Nvidia Geforce GTX1660Ti first mining test in Ethereum

gtx1660ti miningOn February 22, 2019, the budget Nvidia Geforce GTX1660Ti video card was presented without RayTracing blocks, which had a good effect on the price and power consumption of this video card, which can not fail to please meininag fans on video cards, since It is these parameters that most affect the payback of equipment. Of the gaming tests, many already know that the GTX1660Ti gives  the same performance as the GTX1070, but for less money and with less power consumptionм.


Comparison of the technical characteristics of GTX1060, GTX1070 and GTX1660Ti video cards for a better understanding of the technical superiority of the new line of video cards.

Specifications GTX1060 6Gb  GTX1070 GTX1660ti RTX2060
Release date  08.07.2016 10.06.2016 22.02.2019 07.01.2019
Frequency GPU (BOOST)  1506(1709) 1506MHz (1683MHz) 1500Mhz (1700) 1365Mhz (1680)
Cuda Cores  1280 1920 1536 1920
GFLOPS FP32  4375 6463 5437 6451
Memory  6Gb GDDR5 8GB GDDR5 6Gb GDDR6 6Gb GDDR6
Memory bus widthшины памяти  192bit 256bit 192bit 192bit
Total memory bandwidth  192Gbit/s  256Gbit/s 288Gbit/s 336Gbit/s
Power usage  120W  150W 120W 160W
Announced price, USD  299 USD  349 USD 279 USD 349 USD


As can be seen from the table, the novelty significantly exceeds the GTX1060 in all respects with the same power consumption and a lower starting price. And inferior GTX1070 only by the number of Cuda cores. Because of this, in the GPU, the loaded algorithms of X16r, Equihash and other GTX1660ti will at best be at the level of GTX1070 or a bit worse.

While we do not have such information, we will show the performance of the Nvidia Geforce GTX1660ti video card in the mining of Etehreum on the Ethash algorithm.

It can be seen from the screenshots that the GTX1660ti video card using the more modern GDDR6 video memory in mining Ethereum performs at the GTX1070 and GTX1070ti levels, ie gives about 30 MH/s with significantly lower power consumption.