Whatsminer M20 - a new series of Bitcoin asics from 3 devices from 48TH/s to 72TH/s

whatsminer_m20sThe Chinese company Pangolin yesterday announced a pre-order for their Bitcoin ASICs of the new generation Whatsminer M20, made according to the technological standards 12nm. The declared energy efficiency will be at the level of 46W/TH, for comparison, the current generation of the Whatsminer M10 has an energy efficiency of 65W/TH. The main competitor of Bitmain, the current generation Antminer S15, has an energy efficiency of 57 W/TH, which is slightly higher, although a more perfect 7nm process is used. The delivery date of the first batch is July 10-20, 2019, which is long enough, since by this time, Bitmain could release new ASICs for Bitcoin with an energy efficiency of 30 W/TH on the already announced BM1397 chips.

The new Assminer M20 line of Asics M20 will have 3 models at once, differing in power and hashrate.

The weakest version is Whatsminer M20v1 with a 48TH/s hashrate, TDP 2200W and a price of 1390 USD

Medium version of Whatsminer M20v2 with a 58TH/s hashrate, TDP 3364W and a price of 1485 USD

The most productive version has the name Whatsminer M20S with 72TH/s hashrate, TDP 3312W at the price of 2160 USD.

For some reason, the power consumption of the M20S turned out to be lower than that of the M20V2 model today, it is not entirely clear, it is possible that at the production stage they will sort the asic chips according to their characteristics and the younger models will get chips with worse technical characteristics than the older model.

It should be noted that, unlike Bitmain, Pangolin sells its ASICs along with power supplies.

You can familiarize yourself with new products and pre-order on Whatsminer.net