TT-miner 2.1.15 - improved performance on the MTP algorithm

The developers of TT-miner in version 2.1.15 were able to achieve a slight increase in the hashrate on the MTP algorithm, bringing it to 3.5Mh/s for the Nvidia Geforce GTX1080Ti video card. The last time we mentioned this miner on version 2.1.12 , the hash rate of the GTX1080Ti was 3.3 Mh/s. According to this parameter, TT-miner remains one of the fastest miners for mining the Zcoin cryptocurrency, which, in terms of profitability with this miner, is now on the top lines. A reasonable commission of 1% is taken for the use of the TT-miner. The advantages also include the support NiceHash, i.e. This is the only miner known to us that supports mining on the MTP algorithm using the NiceHash service. Among the shortcomings can be identified the lack of a version for Linux systems. You can download the miner on the Bitcointalk forum.