TeamRedMiner 0.5.3 - began to support the MTP (Zcoin) mining algorithm for AMD video cards

teamredminer_053_AMD_radeon_mining_zcoin_MTP.Just a few hours ago, a new version of AMD miner TeamRedMiner was released under the designation 0.5.3, the main innovation of which is the support of the mining algorithm MTP cryptocurrency Zcoin. To start Zcoin mining, a minimum of 4.4 Gb of video memory is required, therefore video cards with 4Gb of memory on board will not be suitable for this purpose. The AMD Radeon RX580 8G on the MTP algorithm shows a hashrate around 1.6MH / s, Vega 56 - 2.5Mh / s, and Vega 64 - 2.8Mh / s. At the same time, video cards use the maximum power consumption limit, or in other words, the algorithm turned out to be very hot, and even the authors of the miner themselves warn about it. In the folder with the miner there is a special text file MTP_MINING.txt which talks about overclocking video cards and their mandatory down-voltting before running the miner on the MTP algorithm. Download TeamRedMiner 0.5.3. can be on GitHub.