AMD Ryzen R9 3900X and R7 3700X showed a high hashrate on the mining algorithm RandomX (Monero)

ryzen3900x_mining_moneroAMD central processors have always offered greater performance in the mining of Monero cryptocurrency compared to counterparts from Intel, so after the release of a new generation of Ryzen 3000 CPU series, many miners do not leave the performance issue of these processors in mining using the RandomX algorithm. Because Ryzen generation ZEN 2 processors are already commercially available, so we decided to share with you the mining performance of the top model today from the ZEN 2 processor line - AMD Ryzen R9 3900X (12 cores, 24 threads)

Testing of the Ryzen R9 3900x was conducted with 3200 MHz memory, CL 16

R9 3900X RandomX: 11800H/s


8-core model R7 3700X showed an expectedly lower result (2400 MHz memory was used)

R7 3700X RandomX: 7400H/s


For a 6 core Ryzen R5 3600 processor, the hash rate on the RandomX algorithm will be approximately 6000H/s based on its performance relative to the 3700X