The use of small-sized touch screens to control mining rigs


Experienced miners have often come across situations when servicing GPU mining rigs required connecting a monitor, keyboard and mouse to each computer, which is not always convenient, especially with a large number of equipment being serviced. In order to simplify the monitoring and management of problematic computers that cannot be accessed over the network, the practice of expanding the functionality of mining rigs by connecting touch screens developed initially for Rasbbery Pi mini computers and the like began to spread among miners.

Such screens are connected via HDMI, touch control and screen power via USB. However, for Windows 10 and Linux, you do not need to install additional drivers. 


В продаже вы можете найти множество разных экранов, отличающихся по размеру, корпусу и производителю. Диапазон размеров таких дисплеев начинается от 2 до 15 дюймов. По цене от 25 долларов США до 100 долларов США за 10-дюймовую модель. Покупка сенсорных экранов более 10 дюймов не столь практична из-за высокой цены и необходимости организации дополнительного питания.

Наилучшим выбором будет экран размером 7 или 4 дюйма со специальными монтажными рамами для удобной установки на раму шахтных вышек.

An example of a 7 inch model from Waveshare with a resolution of 800x480 for 50USD. Store Link Aliexpress


An example of a 4 inch model from the same company with a resolution of 800x480 at a price of 40 USD. Store Link Aliexpress


Also on Aliexpress you can find cheaper options here and here.


An example of the use of such displays in mining rigs:


For those who are already tired of wearing monitors from one mining rig to another, most likely they will appreciate such an upgrade.