Choosing a graphics card for mining cryptocurrency in 2019

Choosing a graphics card for mining cryptocurrency in 2019We continue our annual analysis on the market of video cards and their use in mining cryptocurrency for 2019. Compared with the previous analysis at the beginning of 2018, the cryptocurrency market has undergone strong changes associated primarily with a decline in cryptocurrency prices to 90% from last year’s values. Against this negative background, specialized ASIC and FPGA devices form an increasing competition in the mining of cryptocurrency to video cards, which further worsens the situation for the owners of mining farms on video cards. The release of a new generation of Nvidia video cards at the end of 2018 had virtually no effect on the alignment in choosing the best video card for mining. we did not see a sharp decline in prices for video cards of the last generation of the GTX10xx series, moreover prices for video cards continue to remain higher than they were before the mining boom in 2017-2018. Despite this, the mining on video cards in 2019 continues to be relevant, but already at the expense of the used video cards market and new asicresistant mining algorithms.

The main trend of 2018 - 2019 is the loss of popularity for mining AMD video cards, because in mining using Dagger-Hashimoto (Ethash), Equihash and Cryptonight algorithms, which traditionally the “red” shown themselves to be much stronger than the Nvidia video cards. Now Asic and FPGA devices have come to these algorithms. For the same GPU-oriented mining algorithms, the superiority of Nvidia video cards over AMD can be seen with an unarmed look. It’s hard to predict how long this situation will last; it’s possible that Nvidia will completely force AMD out of this market. In the history of mining on video cards, there was already a period when the Nvidia video cards were almost completely ignored by the miners because of their low efficiency on the then popular algorithms SHA-256, Scrypt, ScryptN, Keccak. Nvidia was helped to tackle this situation with their new GTX10X0 video card series and the arrival to the mining of programmers who know the CUDA Toolkit. Now AMD has found itself in a similar situation, when their video cards noticeably lose in terms of efficiency on actual algorithms, and the number of software that supports mining of these same algorithms often boils down to only one possible variant.

Therefore, we are waiting in 2019 for a new generation of Navi video cards from AMD with the hope of successfully using them for mining cryptocurrencies, but for now we’ll give a list of current AMD video cards at the moment:


Technical characteristics of AMD video cards:

GPU: Memory: Type:


Freg GPU: Freg memeory: TP: TDP: Supply:
Radeon RX 560 2-4 Gb (128 bit) GDDR5 1024 1275 Mhz 1750 Mhz 14 nm 80W 1x6Pin
Radeon RX 570 (470) 4-8 Gb (256 bit) GDDR5 2048 1168 Mhz 1650 Mhz 14 nm 150W 1x6Pin
Radeon RX 580 (480) 4-8 Gb (256 bit) GDDR5 2304 1257 Mhz 2000 Mhz 14 nm 185W 1x6Pin
Radeon RX 590 8 Gb (256 bit) GDDR5 2304 1469 Mhz 2000 Mhz 12 nm 225W 1x8Pin
Radeon RX Vega 56 8 Gb (2048 bit) HBM2 3584 1471 Mhz 1600 Mhz 14 nm 210W 2x8Pin
Radeon RX Vega 64 8 Gb (2048 bit) HBM2 4096 1546 Mhz 1890 Mhz 14 nm 295W 2x8Pin
Radeon RX Vega 7 16 Gb (4096 bit) HBM2 3840 1700 Mhz 2000MHz 7 nm 300W  2x8Pin

* The technical specifications presented are relevant for reference video card samples.


Technical characteristics of Nvidia video cards:

GPU: Memory: Type:

Cuda Cores:

Freg GPU: Freg. Memory: TP: TDP: Supply:
GeForce GTX1050ti 4 Gb (128 bit) GDDR5 768 1392 Mhz 1750 Mhz 14 nm 75W 1x6Pin
GeForce GTX1060 3-6 Gb (192 bit) GDDR5 1280 1708 Mhz 2000 Mhz 16 nm 120W 1x6Pin
GeForce GTX1070 8 Gb (256 bit) GDDR5 1920 1683 Mhz 2000 Mhz 16 nm 150W 1x8Pin
GeForce GTX1070ti 8 Gb (256 bit) GDDR5 2432 1683 Mhz 2000 Mhz 16 nm 180W 1x8Pin
GeForce GTX1080 8 Gb (256 bit) GDDR5x 2560 1733 Mhz 1375 Mhz 16 nm 180W 2x8Pin
GeForce GTX1080ti  11 Gb (352 bit) GDDR5x 3584 1582 Mhz 1375 Mhz 16 nm 250W 2x8Pin
 P106 (GTX1060) 3-6 Gb (192 bit) GDDR5 1280 1708 Mhz 2000 Mhz 16 nm 120W 1x6Pin
 P104 (GTX1070) 4 Gb (256 bit) GDDR5x 1920 1733 Mhz 1250 Mhz 16 nm 180W 1x8Pin
 P102 (GTX1080ti) 5 Gb (352 bit) GDDR5x 3200 1582 Mhz 1375 Mhz 16 nm 250W 2x8Pin
Geforce RTX2060 6 Gb (192 bit) GDDR6 1920 1680Mhz 2000Mhz 12 nm  160W 1x8Pin
Geforce RTX2070 8 Gb (256 bit) GDDR6 2304 1620Mhz 2000Mhz 12 nm  175W  1x8Pin
Geforce RTX2080  8 Gb (256 bit) GDDR6 2944 1734Mhz 2000Mhz 12 nm  215W  1x6Pin, 1x8Pin
Geforce RTX2080ti 11 Gb (352 bit) GDDR6 4352 1545Mhz 2000Mhz 12 nm  250W  2x8Pin

Video cards P102, P104, P106 are specialized mining cards with less memory, no video connectors, a simplified cooling system, a reduced warranty (usually 3 months) and therefore a lower price than full-featured video cards with the same chip. These cards can use the settings optimized for mining Ethereum (but not necessarily), because of which, when mining Ethereum, these cards show a higher hashrate.

AMD also has the Mining Edition RX470 / 570 and RX480 / RX580 video cards with less warranty, no video connectors and a simplified cooling system. In the BIOS of such cards, reduced memory timings are usually stitched, which is why such cards have a higher hashrate when mining Ethereum. Unlike Nvidia, for AMD cards, you can change the memory timings yourself getting the same or a higher result on regular gaming graphics cards.

In each table, you can familiarize yourself with the tests in the mining of a specific video card at the time of its launch, since For some models, the time from their announcement has been two years or more, so for more accurate information on the hashrate of video cards you can find here:

Actual hashrate for video cards in 2019

We thought for a long time what mining algorithms to include in the calculation of energy efficiency and payback of video cards, because Equihash has completely lost its relevance to the GPU. Ethash seems to be living out its last days, and of the new cryptocurrencies for mining on the GPU, not a single cryptocurrency has yet received enough recognition to speak about its long-term mining. Therefore, in February 2019, we take into account only the Ethash data and, over time, add another algorithm that will be most popular in the first half of 2019.

Performance and price of cryptocurrency mining cards on 02/07/2019




Price Comp.



















Radeon RX 560 99USD  от 95USD 76USD  65W 11-15 Mh/s  0,17    
Radeon RX 570 169USD  от 139USD 111USD  95W 24-30 Mh/s  0,25    
Radeon RX 580 199USD  от 171USD 136USD  120W 25-31 Mh/s  0,21    
Radeon RX 590 279USD  от 238USD  -  180W 25-33 Mh/s  0,18    
Radeon RX Vega 56 399USD  от 331USD 264USD  170W 34-45 Mh/s  0,2    
Radeon RX Vega 64 500USD  от 482USD 385USD  240W 37-46 Mh/s  0,15    
Radeon RX Vega 7 699USD  от 740USD  -  240W 90Mh/s  0,375    
Geforce GTX 1050ti 139USD  от 153USD 122USD  60W 12-15 Mh/s  0,2    
Geforce GTX 1060 249USD  от 176USD 140USD  100W 20-25 Mh/s  0,2    
Geforce GTX 1070 399USD  от 352USD 281USD  120W 27-32 Mh/s  0,22    
Geforce GTX 1070ti 449USD  от 421USD 336USD  145W 28-33 Mh/s  0,19    
Geforce GTX 1080 599USD   от 703USD 562USD  145W 23-35 Mh/s  0,24    
Geforce GTX 1080ti 699USD  от 784USD 627USD  200W 35-52 Mh/s   0,26    
Geforce RTX2060 349USD  от 331USD  -  130W 25-30 Mh/s  0,23    
Geforce RTX2070  449USD   от 473USD  -  140W 36-42 Mh/s  0,3    
Geforce RTX2080  699USD  от 665USD  -  170W 36-42 Mh/s   0,24    
Geforce RTX2080ti 999USD   от 1043USD  -  200W 50-57 Mh/s   0,285    

* The price is listed as recommended by the manufacturer at the start of sales and may significantly differ from the actual prices in stores.

** Price in ComputerUniverse store on 02/07/2019

*** The price of used videocards is taken as 80% of the price of new video cards in the ComputerUniverse store, which roughly corresponds to reality.

**** The power consumption during the mining of cryptocurrencies is taken as 80% of the nominal power consumption of a video card. It may vary depending on the video card model, overclocking applied and downward wiring.


Based on only one Ethash algorithm, it is rather difficult to draw conclusions on the energy efficiency of video cards, but one thing is certain that the new generation of the RTX20x0 GPU shows, when mining Ethereum, AMD has similar energy efficiency or even better (RTX2070). The only remaining advantage of the Radeon is their price in the secondary market, which also may soon disappear when the RTX20x0 video cards appear on the secondary market. And if you take into account the fact that all the new mining algorithms are more optimized for Nvidia, the current generation of AMD Radeon RX5x0 video cards looks completely hopeless as an investment for the future.

For calculations, prices are taken for video cards from the Computeruniverse online store (Germany). To get 5 EURO discount on the Computer Universe, use the coupon FW5NXGD when you buy


Calculation of the payback of video cards on 02/07/2019 (Bitcoin $ 3400, Ethereum $ 105):





without electricity*

electricity in day

0,1 USD/kW



with electricity




without electricity

Radeon RX 560 0,16 593 days (61% in year) 0,16 - 0,32  296 (122% in year)
Radeon RX 570 0,34 408 days(90% in year) 0,22 1158 days(31% in year) 0,64   202 (180% in year)
Radeon RX 580 0,36 475 days(77% in year) 0,29 2442 days(15% in year) 0,72   237 (154% in year)
Radeon RX 590 0,38 626 days(58% in year) 0,43 - 0,76   313 (116% in year)
Radeon RX VEGA 56 0,52 636 days(57% in year) 0,41 3009 days(12% in year) 1,04   318 (114% in year)
Radeon RX Vega 64 0,53 909 days(40% in year) 0,58 - 1.06   454 (80% in year)
Radeon RX Vega 7 1,03 718 days(51% in year) 0,58 1644 days(22% in year) 2,06  359 (102% in year)
Geforce GTX 1050ti 0,16 956 days(38% in year) 0,12 3825 days(10% in year) 0,32   478 (72% in year)
Geforce GTX 1060 0,29 606 days(60% in year) 0,24 3520 days(10% in year) 0,58   303 (120% in year)
Geforce GTX 1070 0,36 977 days(37% in year) 0,29 5028 days(7% in year) 0.72   489 (74% in year)
Geforce GTX 1070ti 0,37 1137 days(32% in year) 0,35 21050 days(2% in year) 0,74   569 (64% in year)
Geforce GTX 1080 0,40 1757 days(20% in year) 0,35 14060 days(3% in year) 0.8   879 (40% in year)
Geforce GTX 1080ti 0,60 1306 days(28% in year) 0,48 6533 days(6% in year) 1,2   653 (56% in year)
Geforce RTX 2060 0,34 973 days(37% in year) 0,32 16550 days(2% in year) 0,68  486 (74% in year)
Geforce RTX 2070 0,48 985 days(37% in year) 0,33 3153 days(11% in year) 0,96   492 (74% in year)
Geforce RTX 2080 0,48 1385 days(26% in year) 0,41 9500 days(4% in year) 0,96  693 (52% in year)
Geforce RTX 2080ti 0,66 1580 days(29% in year) 0,48 8691 days(4% in year) 1,32  790 (58% in year)

* Calculation of payback is made for new video cards purchased on Computeruniverse. When buying used video cards, the payback period is reduced by 20%. Only video cards without other necessary components (motherboard, processor, memory, power supply) are included in the calculation.
NNN *** is the theoretical profitability from mining, which can be obtained by constantly searching for profitable cryptocurrencies. Approximately taken as 200% of Ethereum yield.

We have indicated this option as theoretically possible with constant monitoring of various cryptocurrencies for mining, and as the beginning of the year showed, there is every reason to expect such a scenario.

Please note that the cost of electricity in the calculation is taken 0.1USD per KWh, i.e. most likely your energy tariff will be below this value. Therefore, the recoupment taking into account the electricity in our calculation turned out quite bleak. If you have electricity for 0,05USD per kilowatt or less, feel free to reduce the cost of electricity by half. Accordingly, the payback time with such a tariff is also reduced by 2 times.


To calculate the profitability of mining, the mining calculator for cryptocurrency for the GPU was used, which you can also use to calculate the actual payback period for video cards.

Collect mining rigs:

Rig: Power Supply:* Price rig (CU):** Hashrate Ethash: Hashrate Equihash USD/day***
6*RX560 500-750W  750 USD 90 Mh/s   0,98
6*RX570 700-1000W  1000 USD 180 Mh/s   1,96
6*RX580 850-1000W  1250 USD 186 Mh/s   2,02
6*RX590 1000-1200W 1700 USD 192 Mh/s   2,09
6*RX Vega 56 1200-1500W  2400 USD 270 Mh/s   2,93
6*RX Vega 64 1600-2000W  3500 USD 276 Mh/s   3,0
6*RX Vega 7 1600-2000W  5300 USD 540 Mh/s   5,87
6*GTX1050ti 450-750W  1100 USD 90 Mh/s   0,98
6*GTX1060 700-1000W  1300 USD 150 Mh/s   1,63
6*GTX1070 900-1200W  2500 USD 190 Mh/s   2,07
6*GTX1070ti 1000-1500W 3000 USD 198 Mh/s   2,15
6*GTX1080 1000-1500W 5000 USD 210 Mh/s   2,28
6*GTX1080ti 1500-2000W 5600 USD 312 Mh/s   3,39
6*RTX2060 1500-2000W 2500 USD 180 Mh/s   1,96
6*RTX2070 900-1200W  3400 USD 252 Mh/s   2,74
6*RTX2080 1000-1500W 4800 USD 252 Mh/s   2,74
6*RTX2080ti 1500-2000W 7500 USD 342 Mh/s   3,72

* Recommended minimum power (including reference frequencies and down volts).

** In the cost of mining, we included the cost of 6 video cards plus 20% of their component cost (motherboard, RAM, processor, power supplies, risers).

*** Without electricity


Conclusion: At the beginning of 2019, the graphics card mining is going through hard times due to a strong fall in cryptocurrency prices and a large number of miners after the boom in 2017-2018. Because of what most of the income eats up the cost of paying for electricity. If you have electricity costs 0.1 USD or more, then buying equipment for mining is now tantamount to a deposit in a bank, but with a lot of time and inconvenience. Accordingly, the lower the price of electricity, the more attractive in terms of equipment payback, mining becomes. In other words, the main problem now is not to pick up the equipment, but to find the cheapest "socket". Since The most popular cryptocurrency Ethereum for mining on the GPU now gives a stable but low income, so many miners are constantly looking for more profitable cryptocurrencies for mining, which allows you to get a yield exceeding Ethereum by 2-3 times. Therefore, if you have a lot of free time to read forums, reconfigure farms and electricity for less than 0,05 USD, then in annual terms you can count on a yield of 100%, i.e. purchased equipment can pay for itself in about one year.  

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