Gminer 1.51 - support for mining algorithms Cuckarood29 and BeamHash2

gminer-151-cuckarood29-beamhash2In anticipation of the GRIN hard forks, to be held today on July 17 at block 262080, the Gminer developers released a new version 1.51 with the support of the updated mining algorithm Cuckarood29 (GRIN29). GRIN29 mining is available for AMD and Nvidia video cards, which cannot be said about the second added BeamHash2 algorithm, since it will be available only for Nvidia video cards. The BeamHash2 mining algorithm will support the BEAM cryptocurrency after its hardfork on August 15, 2019. The miner supports automatic switching to the new algorithm for GRIN and BEAM. Download the latest version of Gminer on GitHub.