IQ mining - a free 7-day cloud mining contract

igmining cloud miningIQ mining is a cloud mining service of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Zcash cryptocurrency. In addition to a flexible system for selecting contracts of various capacities, the company has recently begun to offer a free seven-day test period for a cloud mining contract worth 100USD, the income from which is accrued daily and is available for withdrawal. For those who wish to extend the free contract or purchase even more power, IQ mining for the first purchase gives a bonus of 20%, i.e. When buying, you will receive a 20% more powerful contract than you originally bought. But that's not all, because Until the end of July, the buyer of cloud mining contracts can enter a special promotional code "IQ20GVWY" when buying, which gives him a chance to participate in the raffle of valuable prizes: iPad Pro, MacBook Air, iPhone Xs Max and Apple Watch 4. For every 100 USD spent on the purchase you get 1 ticket, i.e. the more expensive the purchase the more chances to win.

For those who have considered the purchase of cloud mining contracts in the near future, the current offer, taking into account the 20% bonus, looks quite attractive compared to other companies. At the beginning of June 2019, we considered contracts from 10 different companies in detail, where the IQ mining pricing policy even without considering the 20% discount looked quite attractive. You can get acquainted with this study of companies engaged in the provision of cloud mining services in this link.

The free seven-day period will be interesting to all who have just started to get involved in mining cryptocurrency, because Now it is the longest free trial period, which is only on the market.

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