NBMiner 27.0 - new HNS (Handshake) algorithm and dual mining HNS + ETH

nbminer_handshakeMiner developers seem to begin to wake up after winter sleep, releasing new versions of their software that have not been updated for several months. A similar fate affected the miner NBMiner (NebuTech miner), because after a long break on GitHub , there was another new 27.0 version with support for the new mining algorithm Handshake (HNS) for the cryptocurrency of the same name. At the heart of the HNS POW algorithm are two algorithms: Blak2b + SHA3. The main distinguishing feature of HandShake is the use of the HSS token system with unique names that can be registered and sold. NBMiner 27.0 also supports dual mining cryptocurrencies HandShake and Ethereum (HNS + ETH). Miner commission for HNS is 2%, and for HNS + ETH - 3%.