Mining Evolution (EVOX) and Morelo (MRL) using the RandomARQ algorithm

Mining Evolution (EVOX) and Morelo (MRL) using the RandomARQ algorithmMining Evolution (EVOX) and Morelo (MRL) are two relatively new cryptocurrency projects that use the RandomARQ algorithm (one of the RandomX variations), first introduced by ArQmA for mining, for their mining. The interesting thing about this algorithm is that it is more balanced in terms of performance between AMD and Intel processors, in contrast to the usual RandomX, where AMD CPUs are significantly superior to Intel. Therefore, if you use Intel processors, you might want to study the EVOX and MRL projects in more detail. Unfortunately, both of these projects have one significant minus, most of the hashrate (about 95%) is concentrated on one Chinese pool called Walemo, which is definitely a problem. As for the software for mining these coins, the RandomARQ algorithm is widely supported by most popular miners for RandomX, for example XMRig, SRBMiner-MULTI, XMR-Stak.