GoldShell HS3 - new Asiс miner for Handshake cryptocurrency (HNS)

asic handshake goldshell hs3 GoldShell has released a new version of the ASIC miner called HS3 for the Handshake algorithm and the Handshake cryptocurrency of the same name. Compared to the previous version HS1 and HS1 PLUS, the novelty has slightly improved energy efficiency (1W/GH instead of 1.1W/GH), as well as a body in a more familiar design, since the first models HS1 and HS1 PLUS were small-sized and designed for power consumption in 57W and 115W respectively. The HS3 is made in a case in the style of the latest Bitmain models and already consumes 2000W with a hashrate of 2000GH/s. The cost of Goldshell HS3 is 4999USD, making it one of the most expensive mining devices at the moment. The payback according to the calculator, even taking into account the considerable cost, will be from 180 days, depending on the cost of electricity.