Win 1 Bitcoin in Dot Dash game

binance dot dashStarting from December 1, 2022 and until December 14, Binance launched the Dot Dash game, which is as close as possible to the famous PacMan 8-bit game with the same rules. Just besides entertainment, Binance additionally distributes prizes for everyone who earns 5000 points in this game, which is not too difficult. For each set of 5000 points you will receive a gift that will participate in the 8000 USD prize pool section. Immediately after registration, you will have 2 attempts available, then every day you will be added one more attempt. All this is of course fun and provocative and with the opportunity to earn a couple of bucks, but the most interesting thing begins if you have a friend who, like you, knows how to play Pacman well. Dot Dash has a two-player game mode and whoever earns the most points (there is a leaderboard where the best team has 35,000 points at the moment) will receive a prize of 1BTC (17,000 USD) into the Binance account of this team. A friend you invited via a special link can participate in your team. To take part in the game, register on the Binancе exchange and in the Referral section of your personal account, click on the Play Now button.