[Update] The real test in the mining of the video card Gigabyte Gaming OC Geforce RTX2080 8G

mining geforce RTX2080 gigabyteSeptember 20, 2018 RTX2080 has become available for purchase. There are various tests and video cards. This time, the novelty was testet by almost all the algorithms that are relevant for video card mining, Ethash, X16r, Equihash, Cryptonight, Hex, Lyra2Rev2, TimeTravel10, Phi2.


We will not load you with technical information on video cards here and go straight to the hash rates of the Nvidia Geforce RTX2080 video card. For those who are not familiar with these cards, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with this material and at the same time compare our forecast with real data.

Gigabyte Gaming OC Geforce RTX2080 8G video card tests were performed without overclocking (1830Mhz / 14000Mhz) with PowerLimit 100%


Algorithm  Ethash X16R Equihash Cryptonight Hex Lyra2Rev2 TimeTravel Phi2
Miner Claymore 11.9 Enemy 1.1.9 EWBF`s 0.3.4b XMRig 2.5.2 Enemy 1.1.9 Enemy 1.1.9 Enemy 1.1.9 Enemy 1.1.9
HashRate 35,8Mh/s 24,8Mh/S 767Sol/s 778H/s 34,8Mh/s 42,17Mh/s 72Mh/s 6,2Mh/s
Watt 174              

Unfortunately, the information on the power consumption of the video card is only available for mining on the Ethash algorithm.

Also, for this video card for the algorithms Ethash and X16r, we performed optimization with overclocking and PowerLimit to obtain the optimal performance of the RTX2080 in the mining.

Algorithm  Ethash X16R
Miner Claymore 11.9 Enemy 1.1.9
PowerLimit 58% 75%
Memory Clock +1000Mhz +850Mhz
GPU Clock +50Mhz +70Mhz
HashRate 42,5Mh/s 24,8Mh/S
Watt 120W 145W


Update 10.01.2018. Advanced test for RTX2080 video card in mining.

Algorithm  Ethash X16R Equihash Equihash 144/5 Equihash 210/9 CryptonightV7 Cryptonight-Light
PowerLimit 47% 70% 60% 65% 60% 65% 65%
Memory Clock +800Mhz +850Mhz +850Mhz +850Mhz +850Mhz +850Mhz +500Mhz
GPU Clock +150Mhz +150Mhz +150Mhz +150Mhz +150Mhz +150Mhz +150Mhz
HashRate 41,1Mh/s 26Mh/S 680sol/s 60sol/s 320sol/s 893H/s 1285H/S
Watt 105W 155W 145W 135W 135W 120W 110w


Algorithm  SHA3 PHI2 LyraRev2 Lyra2z HEX ProgPow
PowerLimit 55% 55% 60% 100% 60% 65%
Memory Clock -500Mhz -200Mhz +500Mhz +500Mhz +850Mhz +0Mhz
GPU Clock +150Mhz +150Mhz +150Mhz +150Mhz +150Mhz +150Mhz
HashRate 255Mh/s 9,4h/S 69Mh/s 3,3Mh/s 19Mh/s 22,5Mh/s
Watt 125W 120W 135W 110W 135W 145W

Comparing Nvidia Geforce GTX1080Ti with Geforce RTX2080

Because at a price the novelty is now comparable or even more expensive than the previous flagship Nvidia GTX1080Ti, then we will compare with it.

The current prices on the GTX1080Ti on ComputerUniverse start from 600 euros, and on the RTX2080 now the prices start from 696 euros.

palit geforce rtx2080 price mining

For example, the Geforce GTX1080Ti on Ethereum produces an average of 50Mh / s with the OhGodAnETHlargementPill tablet with power consumption of 180-200W

Characteristics GTX1080Ti RTX2080
HashRate Ethash 50 42
Watt 180 120
Price 600 Euro 690 Euro
Energy efficiency W/MH 3,6 W/MH 2,85 W/MH -20%
Euro/MH 12 Euro/MH 16 Euro/MH +15%


Update 10.01.2018. 

Characteristics GTX1080Ti RTX2080
HashRate Ethash 50 41
Watt 180 105
Price 600 Euro 690 Euro
Energy efficiency W/MH 3,6 W/MH 2,56 W/MH -29%
Euro/MH 12 Euro/MH 17 Euro/MH +41%


Characteristics GTX1080Ti RTX2080
HashRate CryptoNightV7 895H/s 893H/s
Watt 140 105
Price 600 Euro 690 Euro
Energy efficiency W/MH 0,15 W/H 0,117 W/MH -22%
Euro/MH 0,67 Euro/H 0.77 Euro/MH +15%


Characteristics GTX1080Ti RTX2080
HashRate X16R 16Mh/s 26Mh/s
Watt 150 155
Price 600 Euro 690 Euro
Energy efficiency W/MH 9,37 W/MH 5,96 W/MH -37%
Euro/MH 37,5 Euro/MH 26.53 Euro/MH -30%

UPDATED Conclusion: After more thorough testing of the new generation of Nvidia video cards in the face of the RTX2080, it can be concluded that the energy efficiency of the RTX20xx generation video cards outperforms the previous generation GTX10XX by 20-30% while showing an equal or higher hash rate (X16r) compared to the more efficient previous generation video card.

Conclusion: While everyone around is shouting about the high cost of new video cards, we, in turn, made a rather interesting conclusion from the comparison of GTX1080Ti and RTX2080 video cards. If price the RTX2080 is clearly overpriced, in mining, taking into account its energy efficiency, we get an approximate parity on the payback of these video cards, which will shift more towards RTX2080, the more expensive electricity costs you to power a mining farm. According to the Whattomine calculator, the balance between the RTX2080 and GTX1080Ti video cards comes at an electricity price of 0.09USD. At a lower cost, the GTX1080Ti will be more profitable, and if above 9 cents, then it's more profitable than RTX2080. The choice for mining between two video cards of different generations is not as obvious as we assumed earlier.

P.s. The comparison was made on one Ethash algorithm, which cannot claim to be a full review of two video cards, and it is also worth considering that the current software was used, which is not optimized for new video cards.

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