[UPDATE] Mining test for Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080Ti video card

hashrate test mining videocards nvidia geforce rtx 2080ti

Those who are closely following the release of the new generation of Nvidia’s RTX 20xx video cards have most likely already got acquainted with the test results in the mining of the RTX 2080 video card. As we already know, the firstborn in the face of the RTX2080 performed well in mining, so the results that the Ti version will show should be at the same level. At the end of the article we will, as usual, compare the novelty with other solutions and summarize the payback and energy efficiency of the top solution of 2018 from Nvidia.

Like last time, we will not focus on the technical characteristics of the RTX 2080Ti video cards and go straight to the test results in mining.

Algorithm  Ethash X16R Equihash Equihash 144/5 Equihash 210/9 Equihash 96/5 Equihash 192/5
PowerLimit 60% (70%)  60%(80%) 65% (115%) 65% (115%) 115% 115% 115%
Memory Clock +850Mhz (+1000)  +850MHz (Stock) +850Mhz (+1000) +850Mhz (+1000) +1000Mhz +1000Mhz +1000Mhz
GPU Clock 0 Mhz(- 500)  +150Mhz  (Stock) +150Mhz (+100) +150Mhz (+100) +100Mhz +100Mhz +100Mhz
HashRate 56,5Mh/s (57,3)  30Mh/s (36) 820sol/s (1000) 60sol/s (90) 470sol/s 51,4ksol/s 48sol/s
Watt 155W (175)  155W(198) 170W (300) 135W (300) 300W 300W 300w


Algorithm  SHA3 PHI2 LyraRev2 Lyra2z HEX ProgPow CryptonightV7 Cryptonight-Light
PowerLimit  60%  60% 60%(100)  60%  65% 80% (115%)  50% 55%
Memory Clock -500Mhz   stock 850Mhz (+0) stock  +850Mhz  +800Mhz (+1000)  +850Mhz  +500Mhz
GPU Clock  +150Mhz +150Mhz  +150Mhz (+110) +150Mhz  +150Mhz  +100Mhz  +150Mhz  +150Mhz
HashRate  290Mh/s  12,8Mhz 96Mh/s (121) 5Mh/s  21,5Mh/s  30,8Mh/s (36)  1200H/s 1,490Mh/s
Watt  155W  158W 155W (260) 160W  170W 

210W (310W)

 130W 145W

[Updated] Added tests on SHA3, PHI2, Lyra2z, HEX, Cryptonight and more energy efficient overclocking options for Ethash, X16r, Equihash, Lyra2Rev2.


Comparing RTX 2080Ti with RTX 2080 and GTX 1080Ti

We take the comparison results of the GTX 1080Ti and RTX 2080 from the past material and see how the RTX 2080Ti looks like against the background of these cards

Comparison for the Ethash algorithm.

Характеристики GTX 1080Ti RTX 2080 RTX 2080Ti
HashRate Ethash 50 41 57,3
Watt 180 105 175W
Price 600 Euro 690 Euro 1030 Euro
Energy efficiency W/MH 3,6 W/MH 2,56 W/MH -29% 3,05 W/Mh -15%
Euro/MH 12 Euro/MH 17 Euro/MH +41% 18 Euro/MH +50%

Comparison for the X16r algorithm.

Характеристики GTX 1080Ti RTX 2080 RTX 2080Ti
HashRate X16R 16Mh/s 26Mh/s 36Mh/s
Watt 150 155 198
Price 600 Euro 690 Euro 1030 Euro
Energy efficiency W/MH 9,37 W/MH 5,96 W/MH -37% 5,5 W/MH -43%
Euro/MH 37,5 Euro/MH 26.53 Euro/MH -30% 28,6 Euro/MH  -24%

It should be noted that testing was conducted on the latest version of the miner T-REX 0.6.10. At present, the popular benchmark NiceHash for the X16r algorithm provides almost two times less hashrate - 19MH / s, instead of 36MH / s

The price of video cards was taken from the German online store ComputerUniverse.

Conclusion: the Nvidia Geforce GTX 2080Ti video card, like its younger brother, the RTX 2080, shows good energy efficiency compared to the previous generation of video cards from 15% to 40%, depending on the algorithm. While for the mining of ether and other cryptocurrencies on Ethash, the new RTX video cards do not show significant superiority, for other algorithms (X16R and Lyra2Rev2) the RTX 20xx video cards show themselves from the best side, increasing the hashrate from the GTX10XX by up to 2 times the hashrate and up to 40% in energy efficiency mining But even this seemingly good news spoils the starting price of GTX 2080Ti video cards.