Bitmain announced Ethereum ASIC miner Antminer E9 - 3GH/s, 2556W

bitmain antminer E9 hashrate ethereum miningBitmain has announced a new generation Ethereum ASIC miner Antminer E9 with a hashrate of 3000MH/s (3Gh/s) with a power consumption of 2556W. In terms of hashrate, ANTMiner E9 is equivalent to 30 Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080 graphics cards, but the power consumption is more than twice as low. The date of the start of sales and the price of the device are not known at the moment, but now it is definitely not worth counting on a price cheaper than 15,000 USD. A hash rate of 3000Mh/s now yields an income of 240 USD per day. But the situation with payback can change at any time, both for the better and for the worse. Ethereum ASIC miner Antminer E9 has already been added to the website and you can check at any time what profitability this ASIC miner gives at the current time.