GoldShell LT5-PRO - updated ASIC miner for the Scrypt algorithm

asic scrypt goldshell lt5-proThe Goldshell company in August 2021 presented its updated model for joint mining of Litecoin and DogeCoin cryptocurrencies called Goldshell LT5-PRO. Compared to the previous model LT5, the hashrate of the PRO version increased by 20% (2450MH/s), but the power consumption also increased significantly from 2080W to 3100W, i.e. by 50%. Without tricky reflections, we can conclude that the Goldshell LT5-PRO is an overclocked version of the regular LT5 with a more powerful power supply and possibly selected Asic chips that can keep a higher operating frequency due to an increase in power consumption and a deterioration in the energy efficiency of mining in general. More information about the asik miner Goldshell LT5-PRO can be found on the official website