Canaan has released an updated ASIC miners Avalon A11S (A1166PRO-S and A1126PRO-S)

canaan avalon sha asic miner a11sCanaan launched the updated 11 line of Avalon ASIC miners under the name A11S, even though at the beginning of 2021 a new 12th generation of SHA-256 ASIC miners - Avalon A12 was presented. Which, in comparison with the A11, has made a small step in energy efficiency. Asics Avalon A11, by the way, were also launched relatively recently - just a year ago, in June 2020. If the 12th generation of Avalons really offered improved energy efficiency (38J/TH) compared to the 11th generation (from 42J/TH to 57J/TH, depending on the model), then the 2021 model range of the Canaan Avalon A11S asic miners, on the contrary, show slightly lower quality indicators of energy efficiency (46J/TH to 56J/TH depending on model) even compared to last year's A11. Therefore, the prefix S in the name A11S can be deciphered here as you like, but definitely not as Super.

In total, Canaan offers 5 models in the SHA-256 line of ASIC A11S: A1126Pro-S-60TH/s, A1126Pro-S-64TH/s, A1126Pro-S-68TH/s, A1166Pro-S-72TH/s and A1166Pro-S- 75TH/s.

They differ only in hash rate with the same power consumption of 3420W, respectively, the higher the hash rate of the model, the more energy efficient it is. For the younger model A1126Pro-S-60TH/s, the energy efficiency of Bitcoin mining is 56J/TH, and for the older model A1166Pro-S-75TH/s, the energy efficiency is stated at 46J/TH, which is 10% worse than last year's Avalon A1166PRO model at 81TH/s and 3400W.

Check the website for all the details on the technical characteristics of new products, the price and delivery time.