Jasminer X16-Q PRO: The New Generation ASIC for Ethash

asic etchash jasminer x16-q pro

Jasminer Company releases ASICs for the Dagger Hashimoto mining algorithm, also known as Ethash (ETCHash) for short. Information about the new model designed for home use, the X16-Q PRO, has appeared on the company's website, Jasminer.com. This time, it's not just an improvement over last year's X16-Q model; it's an entirely new generation, as the energy efficiency of the PRO version has increased significantly by 22%.

While the Jasmainer X16-Q has an energy efficiency of 0.32 J/MH, the PRO version boasts a figure of 0.25 J/MH.

According to the advertising banner on the company's website, the new model can offer 2050 MH/s with a power consumption of only 520W, making the Jasminer X16-Q PRO the most energy-efficient solution for mining cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum Classic, Ethereum POW, and others based on the ETHash mining algorithm.

ASIC Jasminer X16-Q PRO Specifications: Algorithm: ETCHash (ETHash)

Hash Rate: 2050 MH/s

Memory: 8Gb

Power Consumption: 520 W

Energy Efficiency: 0.25 J/MH

Noise: 40dB

Dimensions: 445*132*443

Weight: 10 Kg

Cost: $5187 USD

To purchase the Jasminer X16-Q Pro, visit the official company website: jasminer.com

You can compare the PRO version with the regular one on the Profit-mine.com website and calculate the equipment's payback time for mining.


jasminer X16 Q PRO