USB Riser V012 with temperature sensor

usb riser version 12  temperature sensor

Recently we have already talked about the latest generation of USB Riser number 10, which has already gained enough popularity and is in demand for the construction of mining rigs. But as it turned out, there is a newer version of 12 USB Riser, the distinctive feature of which is the presence of a temperature sensor and digital display for its mapping. The temperature sensor is located on the board itself riser, so it can display the temperature of the outside air near the graphics card in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit (to switch is a special button). Compared with the 10th version, to install a digital display and temperature sensor, we had to give up the 3rd power connector, LEDs and reduce the number of capacitors. Therefore the Riser 12 version is closer in its electrical characteristics to simpler versions, such as 006, than to the previously considered 10 version. The necessity and usefulness of the riser with a temperature sensor can be questioned, because it is much easier to install a temperature sensor in the Mining Rig case as a standalone device, which will not only show the data on the display, but also transmit it to a smartphone or to the Mining Rig operating system via a USB connector, and the temperature sensor can be placed anywhere in the case (depending on the model). That's why we don't recommend to buy the 12 model risers and it's better to opt for the 10 or 6 version.