- without verification (KYC) the ability to deposit, withdraw cryptocurrency up to 20 BTC and P2P market

bitget crypto exchange without CIS verificationIn an environment where governments of different countries are increasingly trying to apply various restrictions and laws to cryptocurrencies, it becomes difficult to find a cryptocurrency exchange that can be used without passing verification or KYC (Know Your Customer). If you are looking for just such an exchange that does not require mandatory verification of user accounts, then will be the best choice. is one of the few major crypto exchanges (28th in terms of crypto futures trading volume) that does not require mandatory verification to use it. Without verification, you can use all the functionality of the crypto exchange with only one limitation - this is a limit on the amount of cryptocurrency withdrawal up to 20 BTC per day.

bitget withdraw crypto no kyc

Legal registration of the exchange in the Cayman Islands.

Also, without restrictions, you can use the P2P Market to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for fiat currency: dollars, euros, liras.

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exchange without verification and P2P

It is worth noting that although Bitget is not a market leader, it provides full-fledged functionality that users of the same Binance are accustomed to: spot (no commission) and futures market, staking, launcpool, launchpad, Copy trading, P2P, as well as many promotions and bonuses .

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