Whalesburg.com - a modern multi-pool with autoswitching

Whalesburg.com is a multipool with support for cryptocurrencies using the Ethash algorithm, which is officially registered in Europe. Currently, the pool supports 7 cryptocurrencies: ETH, ETC, Music, EXP, DBIX, UBIQ. And the pool automatically switches to the most profitable cryptocurrency, regardless of the equipment you use and the miner or operating system. Final payments are always paid to Ethereum. In the long run, such an approach may yield additional profits, which the pool developers themselves estimate at 15% or more. In addition, it is possible to note the work with nodes that is unique to this pool, which reduces the standard Uncle rate for pools from 35% to 10%, which also increases the income of miners by 5-10% compared to other pools. For beginners in mining, the Whalesburg pool can offer automatic creation of launching .bat files for all possible Ethereum miners and operating systems.

Key features of the Whalesburg pool:

  • Own unique pool code
  • Convenient design and site functionality
  • Auto Switch Mining
  • Operating budget for instant payouts
  • PPLNS Payments
  • Detailed statistics
  • Telegram bot for notifications
  • Commission from 0.9% to 3%
  • The minimum payout is 0.05 ETH
  • Payments only in ETH
  • Lowest Uncle Rate
  • Official legal entity in EC (City of Prague)
  • Hashrate 250GH / s (as of November 01, 2018)

Let's talk about the pool of Whalesburg.com in more detail.

whalewsburg aouto mining etehereum

The idea of ​​creating a pool of Whalesburg came to the two founders of the project’s CEO Evgeny Kitkin and CTO Vladimir Protasevich. For what they created their ICO of the same name. In addition to the pool, plans to create your own operating system with monitoring, overclocking, and clouds, which will greatly simplify the control and management of mining mining farms. This whole concept was called mining 2.0. At the moment, the ICO has already been completed, and of the promised services, only multipool is available.

The pool commission can be reduced from 3% to 0.9% by increasing the mining power and (or) when registering with our promocode HI7L via this link

WTB token holders can also count on a minimum pool commission of 0.9%. The default commission is 3%. The more tokens you hold, the lower the pool commission. In the future, at the completion of the development of the entire ecosystem of Mining 2.0, only WTB holders will be able to access the pool and other Whalesburg services.


whalesburg mining


Automatic switching of mining to more profitable cryptocurrencies is no longer a new opportunity, take the same Nicehash, which has similar functionality, but requires the installation of its own application and has a commission of 5%. For Whalesburg, you do not need to install third-party miners, you can use your usual miner, with only one restriction, you can only switch to cryptocurrency on the Ethash algorithm, which they promise to fix later too.

For beginners, as we have said, this pool has the most convenient interface to use, because allows you to download the required miner in one place for your equipment and operating system and immediately download the bat file to launch the miner for this pool. 

It is also worth noting the availability of the operating budget, which allows the miners to pay the reward without waiting for the network to confirm the found blocks, and also save on commissions and GAS.

Another important point is the availability of a Telegram bot, which, upon request or within a certain time, will send you reports on the operation of your mining rigs.

whalesburg telegram bot

Conclusion: Whalesburg.com is the most modern and technological pool for mining, which we have met, because In addition to a convenient interface, many technical and not only solutions are used that increase the profit from mining cryptocurrencies using the ETH algorithm.

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