Lolminer 1.64 increased the hashrate on the KheavyHash algorithm to 8%

lolminer 1.64 mining kaspa hashrateThe next Lolminer update to version 1.64 will be interesting for Kaspa cryptocurrency miners, because. for certain models of video cards, the increase in hashrate is up to 8.5 percent compared to the previous revision. In addition to increasing the hash rate, the Core Offset (--Coff) function has been added in version 1.64, which allows you to reduce the power consumption of video cards in mining by lowering the operating frequency of the GPU.

The new command --moff lowers the frequency of the memory, --pl - limits the power limit of the video card, --fan - sets a fixed fan speed. And the --no-oc-reset command resets all default settings when exiting the miner. To use the new graphics card management functionality in Lolminer, you must first update the NVidia drivers to version 520 and newer.

Video cards Nvidia Pascal (GTX1000) received an increase in Kaspa hashrate by 8-8.5%

Nvidia Turing (RTX2000) and Ampere (RTX3000) gain 4.5-5%

AMD Navi (RX5000) and Big Navi (RX6000) gain 3-4%

Hashrate comparison between two versions of Lolminer

GeForce RTX 3070:
lolminer 1.63: 564 МH/s — 120 W — 1710/810
lolminer 1.64: 596 Мh/s — 95 W --coff 300

GeForce RTX 3080:
lolminer 1.63: 877 Мh/s — 190 W — 1800/810
lolminer 1.64: 919 Мh/s — 160 W --coff 250

GeForce RTX 3090:
lolminer 1.63: 1031 Мh/s — 200 W — 1800/807
lolminer 1.64: 1079 Мh/s — 160 W --coff 350

The --coff parameter depends on the specific video card and can vary widely, but usually values ​​in the range of 250-350 are optimal between the maximum possible reduction in power consumption and stability.

Lolminer setup example for Kaspa mining

lolMiner --algo KASPA --pool stratum+tcp:// --port 3112 --user YOUR_KAS_WALLET --watchdog exit --cclk 1710 --mclk 810 --coff 300

where YOUR_KAS_WALLET is the address of your Kaspa cryptocurrency wallet

You can download the latest version of Lolminer on GitHub