Binance pays $5 for each identified case of fraud

p2p binance scam fraudP2P (Peer-to-Peer) is a popular method for buying and selling cryptocurrencies on crypto exchanges, where numerous scammers continuously devise new ways to deceive users, including triangle schemes, fake receipts, bogus customer support services, and other tactics. In order to significantly reduce the number of dishonest users, the crypto exchange Binance is launching a special program called ANTI-SCAM NINJA for its P2P platform, which allows users of the P2P service to identify scammers themselves.

From September 14th to November 13th, 2023, P2P exchange users are encouraged to fill out a special form in English when they detect suspicious actions by another user. Within 28 days, the security team will review your report, and if fraudulent activities are confirmed, such a user will be blocked, and you will receive a $5 voucher as a reward. Payment will be made for each confirmed case, and the three most active participants in this program will receive an additional $50 each from Binance.