ASIC Goldshell KA-BOX for Kaspa cryptocurrency

asic kheavyhash goldshell ka box

Kaspa cryptocurrency has long been considered a reliable alternative to Bitcoin for ASIC miners, as the value of the cryptocurrency has increased significantly over the past year, and there is a large number of different ASIC miner models available on the market for the kHeavyHash algorithm from various manufacturers. Recently, Goldshell company reported on its plans to release ASIC for Kaspa on its account.

Goldshell is primarily known as a manufacturer of mining equipment for home use: small size, low power consumption, and moderate noise.

The new product, called Goldshell KA-BOX, is designed in the company's familiar style with a focus on home use, but this time, instead of the usual Scrypt algorithm, the novelty supports the kHeavyHash algorithm.

Technical specifications of Goldshell KA-BOX:

Algorithm: kHeavyHash

Hash rate: 1.18 TH/s

TDP: 400W

Energy efficiency: 339 J/TH

Noise: 35dB

Dimensions: 178 x 150 x 84mm

Weight: 2kg

Sales start: March 15, 2024

As of March 14, 2024, sales have not yet begun, and the price is also unknown.

Official website of the company:

Considering that the energy efficiency of the KA-BOX novelty is at the level of last year's models and lags behind the market leaders in this indicator by more than twice, the price will not be high. On the other hand, the profitability of such a model will not be the fastest if you have expensive electricity.

You can evaluate the profitability of the novelty and other ASICs for Kaspa on the website.