IceRiver KAS KS5L - a new ASIC for Kaspa

ASIC kheavyhash Kaspa Iceriver KAs KS5LOn March 31, 2024, IceRiver company begins sales of its new ASIC miner for the cryptocurrency Kaspa under the name KAS KS5L. Compared to the previous generation IceRiver KS3M, the novelty turned out to be twice as energy efficient. However, even with such characteristics, IceRiver still lags behind Bitmain's products, whose flagship ASIC Antminer KS5 Pro is twice as energy efficient, but the cost of KS5 PRO is almost 3 times higher than that of KAS KS5L, making the choice not so straightforward anymore.

Technical specifications of IceRiver KAS KS5L:

Algorithm: kHeavyHash

Hashrate: 12Th/s

Power consumption: 3400W

Energy efficiency: 283J/TH

Dimensions: 370x195x290mm

Cooling type: Air

Noise: -

Release date: March 2024

Delivery date: April 2024

Price: $12,999

As mentioned, sales of IceRiver KAS KS5L have already started on the official website at a price of $12,999 per unit, with a limit of 12 ASICs per order. The first deliveries are promised to start in the second half of April (from April 15 to 30).

You can calculate the profitability of the IceRiver KAS KS5L ASIC miner on the website.