Innosilicon Grin Miner - asic miner for GRIN cryptocurrency in the summer of 2019

Well-known Asic miners manufacturing company Innosilicon has opened a pre-order for asic for mining cryptocurrency GRIN. From the technical specifications, only power consumption of 500W is now known, the rest of the data is given in vague phrases “the hashrate will be many times more powerful and more efficient than the GPU” or “the noise level will be available for use at home”. The manufacturer promises to indicate exact technical characteristics only after April 15, and the device itself will be ready for shipment in the summer of 2019. At the moment you can leave a deposit of 2000 USD for booking the purchase of Innosilicon Grin Miner from the first batch. Since the company does not indicate the exact characteristics of ASIC, therefore it offers a full return of the deposit within 2 weeks after the announcement of the technical characteristics if they are not satisfied with anything. You can read more about asyk for GRIN at this link.