Bitfury has opened the free sale of its SHA-256 ASIC Tardis miners

bitfury_tardis_saleBitfury company not only produces asic chips for Bitcoin cryptocurrency mining, but also asic miners and ready-made technological solutions for entire data centers. Recently, the company has focused only on sales to the corporate sector, so Bitfury has practically not encountered mining equipment on sale until today. Almost a year after the launch of the Clarke ASIC chip and Tardis ASIC miners based on them, the company decided to start selling for everyone. Up to this point, Bitfury has not indicated the value of its equipment in open sources.

At the moment, you can buy two ASIC miner models on Bitfury website: Bitfury Tardis 6HB at 72TH/s for 3021USD and Bitfury Tardis 8HB at 80TH/s for 3770USD. If you compare with the market leaders Bitmain and their latest generation of ASIC miners Antminer S17, then the price looks quite competitive in USD values ​​at TH. But if you take the energy efficiency of Tardis miners with 80 J/TH, then you need to compare not with S17 (40-50 J/TH), but with the more obsolete Antminer S9 SE model with the same energy efficiency of 80 J/TH. And this comparison is not in favor of Bitfury, because Antminer S9 SE costs half the price of USD per TH.

Given the overpriced and minimum order of 50 pieces, buying a Bitfury Tardis in the fall of 2019 will not be the right decision.