WildRig Multi 0.11.6 - universal productive miner for video cards AMD

wildrig multi mining radeon amd gpu WildRig Multi 0.11.6 continues to develop as a multifunctional miner for AMD video cards with support for various mining algorithms. At the moment WildRig supports the mining on the algorithms BCD, C11, Geek, HMQ1725, PHI, Renesis, Sonoa and Tribus. Also, the developers promise to soon introduce support for such popular algorithms as X16r, X16s, Xevan, Hex. At the moment, WildRig is probably the only miner that supports the BitcoinDark (BCD) mining on Radeon cards. On the other algorithms, this miner also shows good results, so owners of AMD video cards should pay close attention to WildRig Multi, if you decide not to mining such popular crypto currency as Ethereum. Download the latest version of WildRig Multi on the Bitcointalk forum.