New ASIC Miner Models: MicroBT WhatsMiner M30S + 100 THS and M30S ++ 112 THS

New ASIC Miner Models: MicroBT WhatsMiner M30S + 100 THS and M30S ++ 112 THS

MicroBT has announced new models of ASIC miners for mining Bitcoin (BTC): MicroBT WhatsMiner M30S +, which offers a hash of 100 TH/s and M30S ++ with a hashrate of 112 TH/s. In doing so, MicroBT added competition to the previously announced Bitmain devices, the Bitmain Antminer S19 and S19 PRO devices.

Presumably, 100 Terahash/s WhatsMiner M30S + will have an energy efficiency of 36 J/Terahesh, while consuming 4300 watts, while a model with a higher price and improved energy efficiency with a hashrate of 112 TH/s - WhatsMiner M30S + will show 31 j/TH and 3472 watts.

Most definitely, increased competition in the Bitcoin ASIC miners market can have a positive effect on the price of final products, in addition, it reduces the amount of hash in the network controlled by one particular company or manufacturer. Fortunately, BitMain has long lost its dominance in the market and at the moment we have a decent level of competition.

Both new MicroBT miners are already presented on the official website of the company and are already sold out and are in the process of being sent to their customers. The cost of the M30S + is $ 2740, and the more expensive powerful and energy-efficient M30S ++ is $ 3900. Delivery time for first orders is 2 weeks. The prices of new products from MicroBT are higher than the prices of competing products from BitMain S19, however, BitMain currently sells lots for delivery in June, so it is clear that for pre-orders with delivery in a month or more, the price should be lower. DO NOT forget that in less than a month Bitcoin’s block reward will be reduced by 2 times, which means that by the time they are delivered to their customers, the profitability of such devices may be 2 or more times lower. You can read more information on the official website.