Innosilicon A11 ETHMaster - a new generation of Ethereum ASIC miners

innosilicon a11 ethmaster asic ethereumInnosilicon has been producing various modifications of ASICs for mining Ethereum cryptocurrency since 2018 under the name A10, A10 PRO and A10 PRO +. Innosilicon recently introduced a new generation of Ethash mining device called the A11. A11 ETHMaster has a hash rate of 2000MH/s with a power consumption of 2500W. Although a significant increase in hash rate has been announced compared to previous models, power consumption has also increased significantly. Because of this, the energy efficiency of the A11 has not grown so much compared to the A10 - from 1.5W/MH to 1.25W/MH, or by 17%. The amount of RAM in the A11 is set at 8Gb, which is not even useless at the moment, since this volume will be enough for Ethereum mining until 2027. The first deliveries of the Innosilicon A11 ETHMaster are scheduled for July 2021.